Why you should never spank a child

No to spanking

As a parent, you must be observant of your child’s behaviour and response to spankings. Spanking can ruin the trust and understanding between child and parents. There are always other ways to deal with disciplinary problems. Experts say spankings teach children that it is okay to hit others. Therefore as a parent, you must keep tabs as to whether this is an issue with your child. Also, remember that child abuse is a serious problem in our time. Putting marks on a child could get you reported for child abuse. Spanking in front of others could end in the same result too.

At this day and age, it is not recommended to spank your child at all. SPANKING IS NEVER THE ANSWER! Just ask yourself: “Would I consider it acceptable if my boss at work physically assaulted me when he/she believes I’ve done something wrong?”

No, you wouldn’t. That would be illegal, and rightly so. Compared with you, a child is-

  • Smaller
  • More fragile
  • Less capable of defending themselves
  • Less capable of understanding what is happening and why
  • Less informed of the various services which can offer assistance/protection
  • Violence against a child is worse than violence against an adult, in every way.

This will make the child angrier and low self-esteem too! About 50 years from now… How would like your kids to treat you badly when you are an old person? How would like they slap you? Hold out foods? Belongings and money?

spanking a child is never okay

Expert suggests you take parenting classes. Think about it, someday they might be estrangement from you. BOO-HOO! No family around!

Whenever we discuss ‘spanking’, which is just a cheap euphemism designed to make violence sound less harmful, we need to remember one thing. A child is not an extension of their parent’s identity. A child is not an item of their parent’s property.

A child is a human being. This means that the government must protect that child’s right to physical safety, and every civilised country prioritises this above the parent’s ‘right’ to do as they see fit with ‘their’ child.

There are a wide variety of punishments that can work just as well as spankings, if not better. Parents can use time outs, giving chores, or restriction from toys, activities, places and/or a combination of these. Ultimately, it is your choice as to how you punish your child and to when spankings should be ended.

You won’t find a set recommended age or weight etc. for when to stop spankings. I just hope you are aware of the issues that accompany spankings and at least try some of the other forms of punishments It’s not a question of when to stop.

You should never have started in the first place. Parents who violently assault their children are just as bad as parents who sexually assault their children. If you spank, you are scum.